Friday, 2 September 2011

WOD on a Super hot Friday

It's been so cool lately I thought summer must be over, but here we are today back to sweltering temperatures.

I spent the morning taking a walk downtown, poking around in the stores and then at the office doing some work. This afternoon I came home to this hot, hot apartment, turned on the fan and set up my Workout of the Day.

Now, I decided the FabFit Friday WOD was too short, and my friend Trisha posted a WOD that was a little too involved for my Friday workout.  You see, for me Thursday + Friday = One heavy workout day. So if I do an hour of yoga on Thursday, I should do some ST/cardio on Friday... Or I might do yoga and cardio on Thursday and nothing on Friday... Or, if I'm really worn out, I'll just take Friday off regardless. It really depends how I feel... I find I need one full rest day, sometimes 2 per week, so two light days that equal one heavy day often works well.

So Trisha's workout had 12 exercises... 1 minute/exercise repeat circuit 3 times.  Too much for me since my hip is STILL bothering me from Monday. So I chose 8... left off all the squats (rest the hip!!). Here's how it looked.

Jumping Jacks - 78 - 71 - 65
Push ups         - 23 - 19 - 14*
Sit ups            - 26 - 25 - 26
Rev. lunges      - 24 - 27 - 25

Jumping Jacks - 76 - 71 - 70
Shoulder Press- 22 - 19 - 17* **
Bicep Curls     - 27 - 29 - 28**
Chair Dips      - 17 - 15 - 17*

*to failure
** 10# dbs

I rested 15 sec. between each exercise so my total time was 30 min.

There is a request on FabFit to see before and after (or during) photos.

 I don't think I really have any useful before photos, because I would never in a million years have had a posed photo taken in workout clothes or a bathing suit... I was too ashamed. But, with clothes on, you probably wouldn't see too much difference. I've only lost about 10 lb, but I bet that was all fat... I'm closer to 7 pounds down, but I think I gained some muscle. I definitely gained some self-esteem and positive body image!!

Anyway, tomorrow I'll be taking measurements and getting a new bikini photo taken. I hope to see more definition in my arms, but I'm nervous about the rest of it... I haven't weighed or measured in a couple of weeks!  We shall see... There will be a report!!

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  1. I promised you like 2 weeks ago that I would take new photos! Ah, the craziness that is life.. How about tomorrow or Monday?? Remind me and we will both post them!!!