Saturday, 3 September 2011

Victory over Cravings and new pics/measurements

You would not BELIEVE how I was craving this today!!

And these...

Here's how I happened on these sinful delights. Shannon and I went out to a funeral reception for the husband of one of his co-workers. They were holding a wake-type of reception with all kinds of food, including 5 pizzas and a big tray of cinnamon rolls.  And seriously, the cinnamon rolls looked a million times more delicious than any pic I could find on the Internet... and they were huge! (My mouth is watering just thinking about them!!)

Anyhow, I had not even one little bite of either of these! I had just had my snack, and I did have some veggies and a couple of slices of deli roast beef, but that's it!!  Yay!!

Measurements: Not real happy, but can't complain I guess... The measurements have not changed in a LONG time... but maybe this is just me?  I'll keep at it and check again in a month or so.

Weight: 140.2
Waist: 27.8 in.
Abdomen: 33.2 in. (still not too pleased... but it doesn't seem to matter what I do!!)
Hips: 36.6 in.

New pics in the bikini!!


  1. ... love it!... I hope I will look as good as you one day! ~ Dee

  2. You look great!!! I promised I would take pictures and measurements and I will!!! The first second I have to breathe, I will!