Monday, 19 September 2011

NSV.... Awesome 5K

I kept it a secret till after it was done, but I ran/walked a 5K on Sunday!! It was the Terry Fox Run 2.5K each way in Elliot Lake.

Now this event is not timed... it's more of a fun run... It doesn't even have a finish line. I've walked it before... the year before last, when I was still using my stick.

This year, since many FabFit took on the Couch to 5K program and planned different runs or walks they would participate in, I decided sometime last week that I would go to the Terry Fox Run (Shannon always goes to cover it anyway) and maybe I would walk it. Then, at the last minute, I thought... What the hell... I might as well see how fast I can do it... Maybe I can run a little.

A little!!  I swear I ran at least half!!  I was amazed by myself! Now, first of all, before I tell you all my AMAZING time... remember there was no real start or finish line. My official timer (Shannon's ipod) fritzed out after 2 minutes. So my time is from my watch, which I looked at after I started... I figure I did about 4.5 K all together in 35 minutes.  That may not seem like a great time, but I am SO STOKED!!  This is an UNBELIEVABLY FANTASTIC TIME for me!

I can only run about 300 m at a time before my left leg really starts to hurt, but then I can stride along quite fast for just a short space and run some more.  Also, I can only run on flat surface, flat or downward slope... My running gait actually looks dangerous, and my right foot just doesn't lift up well enough to take a chance on an upward slope... and it makes my left leg really hurt.  So... I ran about 2 K on the way out and at least 1 K on the way back.

It was also so funny that I was experiencing things I had read in posts on FabFit by runners.... I felt sick to my stomach... and was desperate for the bathroom... I know I drank my water too fast!

Anyway, can't you just tell I am thrilled to bits about this!  I LOVED the experience of running, and of cheering on other runners along the way, especially the kids who were participating. I wanna do some more!!

If you read all the way through this debrief, you deserve to see some pics... Not beautiful... but working HARD!! The first pic is jumping jacks for warm up. The second pic is at the end, when I'm just running in.


  1. Both feet off the ground = Definition of Running. Look! That is you!! Running!!! WAY TO GO KAT!!!!