Sunday, 6 November 2011

Yes, I WANT to run!!

It's been quite a while since I've blogged... I wanted to set out my workout plan and muse a bit about running...

My plan is simple... I've taken on a Jillian Michael's rotation for November that was made up by a Spark member, DOMINICANDSUMI.

DAY 16 - RI30: Level 2

DAY 20 - 6W6P: Level 2
DAY 22 - RI30: Level 3
DAY 24 - RI30: Level 4

DAY 27 - RI30: Level 1 & Level 2
DAY 29 - RI30: Level 3 & Level 4
DAY 31 - 6W6P: Level 1 & Level 2

I don't do the same rest days, but I otherwise follow the schedule.  I also have taken on the Fabfit 5-day/week WOD plan. I don't necessarily do all 5 days, though. For instance, if it is a BFBM or NMTZ day I won't do a Tabata... I'm just too tired!!

A really cool trend has started in the last couple of weeks and we plan to continue it... Shannon and I have been doing a "fitness" or "active" activity together on one day of the weekend, and it normally replaces a workout. Last week we did the Presidential Fitness Test (thanks Angela). This week we RAN!!  We did a 5K together (12.5 laps)!! Well, Shannon ran the whole thing, and I did my best...

I finished in 40:13, and my goal was 40:00.  I ran the entire first lap and then ran 3/4 walked 1/4 lap until completing 10th lap, at which point I ran half and walked half.

I sort of analyzed my 5K and discovered a couple of things. Firstly, 2 miles (8 laps) is the edge of my comfort zone. 5K was really pushing it, and I don't think I could have continued much running at all past that point. That stands to reason though, because the PT told me I probably wouldn't be much for running distances considering my wonky hip and knee... maybe 1 mile?

I found that after lap 7 or 8 my left leg was really painful, particularly on the outside of the calf (odd). I know that my left leg carries most of my weight (when I do squats I have to make a conscious effort to put weight on my right [wonky hip] leg) and it's the one that hurts most when I exercise anyway. I felt like my left leg wasn't pulling me forward at all at that point, and that I was running in a crouched position... of course I wasn't... that's just what it felt like.  I was not terribly out of breath and my other leg was fine... I was just done in by that leg!!

So, we've decided 5K at the track is something we want to continue weekly as time and weather allow, but my plan is to concentrate on improving the first two miles. I was amazed that I could run 1 whole lap at the beginning, and I want to keep extending that run. My plan is to push the first two miles knowing I can walk the whole last mile and a bit if I need to.  And, I'll still be able to work at improving my time!! 

Short-term goal.... run weekly at least, and shoot for less than 40 min. next time.
My medium-term goal for this is to run a whole mile without stopping.
Long term? 2 miles.

Monday, 19 September 2011

NSV.... Awesome 5K

I kept it a secret till after it was done, but I ran/walked a 5K on Sunday!! It was the Terry Fox Run 2.5K each way in Elliot Lake.

Now this event is not timed... it's more of a fun run... It doesn't even have a finish line. I've walked it before... the year before last, when I was still using my stick.

This year, since many FabFit took on the Couch to 5K program and planned different runs or walks they would participate in, I decided sometime last week that I would go to the Terry Fox Run (Shannon always goes to cover it anyway) and maybe I would walk it. Then, at the last minute, I thought... What the hell... I might as well see how fast I can do it... Maybe I can run a little.

A little!!  I swear I ran at least half!!  I was amazed by myself! Now, first of all, before I tell you all my AMAZING time... remember there was no real start or finish line. My official timer (Shannon's ipod) fritzed out after 2 minutes. So my time is from my watch, which I looked at after I started... I figure I did about 4.5 K all together in 35 minutes.  That may not seem like a great time, but I am SO STOKED!!  This is an UNBELIEVABLY FANTASTIC TIME for me!

I can only run about 300 m at a time before my left leg really starts to hurt, but then I can stride along quite fast for just a short space and run some more.  Also, I can only run on flat surface, flat or downward slope... My running gait actually looks dangerous, and my right foot just doesn't lift up well enough to take a chance on an upward slope... and it makes my left leg really hurt.  So... I ran about 2 K on the way out and at least 1 K on the way back.

It was also so funny that I was experiencing things I had read in posts on FabFit by runners.... I felt sick to my stomach... and was desperate for the bathroom... I know I drank my water too fast!

Anyway, can't you just tell I am thrilled to bits about this!  I LOVED the experience of running, and of cheering on other runners along the way, especially the kids who were participating. I wanna do some more!!

If you read all the way through this debrief, you deserve to see some pics... Not beautiful... but working HARD!! The first pic is jumping jacks for warm up. The second pic is at the end, when I'm just running in.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Back to reality... Anniversary Week is over and gone.

Yes, Anniversary Week is over and not a minute too soon!!

Let's just say Saturday evening was a step back to the old ways with drinks, unhealthy food and delicious, but unnecessary, dessert. We had a wonderful time though, and I don't regret that we went out. It's been a long time since we walked over to the bar on a Saturday night!

By Sunday I was feeling all bloaty and fluffy, and I gained... Body Fat (Ack!) So definitely have to cool it on the eating out and drinking, and get right back on schedule with my eating. I think some of the problem is that I haven't been eating my 5 small meals a day... I've been putting it off, or waiting 'cause I know I'm going to eat out. This will stop... Water will be making a HUGE comeback, and extra fat will be gone!!

So Boom Boom POW!! Monday is back. About 80 minutes of leg/glute bustin' workout!  I've decided that Mondays will be "Surprise Me" days from now on. I do 3 workouts on Monday. One is always cardio with heavier weights on the leg exercises. From now on I will choose a DVD to do on that day... Won't always be the same one. I was doing Ultimate Cardio Body for quite a few weeks. Today I did TBL Cardio Max Weight Loss. Next week... Surprise Me!!

Mystery Workout Monday
Last week was an Activity Minutes Challenge with FabFit. I did really well with 557 minutes in 5 days. I was aiming for 400, but blew by that on Day 3. I could have done more minutes, but I decided rather than "kill myself" for a week, I wanted to do something that was sustainable for the long term, but then just a little bit more.

My small-group team, Team FIERCE is carrying on for another week of fitness minutes, but I have decided to bow out. For the past few weeks (excepting last week) I consciously went around without my watch and without looking at the time (unless I had to for meetings, work etc.) I have found this wonderful!!  I feel so much more relaxed not worrying what time it is all the time!  Not at all concerned with how much time I've spent on a particular activity!

This idea is very new to me... I have always more or less timed myself on activities. I have ALWAYS be a clock watcher, and there was a time that I had numerous calendars on the walls of my bedroom. Obsessed with numbers in a way I guess.

In any case, this new way of being is sort of more important to me than keeping meticulous track of my workout minutes. There's no question that I will continue to work out!!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Anniversary Week Lunch

So, Wednesday was a heavy workout day... Upper body. The perfect day to go for an Anniversary Week Lunch. I was sooo craving a burger!!  I haven't had a good one in ages.

We went to a new restaurant called Pier Seventeen. It's right on the Blind River. Beautiful scenery and lovely atmosphere. Delicious Prime Rib burger with green salad... The burger was monstrous huge, but I ate it anyway...:)

Shannon splurged on fries with his.
I got a few...

 Then he splurged big time on Chocolate Madness.

I ended up with a bite of the chocolate straw and 3 little bites of the cake... It was insanely delicious... very dark chocolate...

Hike at Chutes Provincial Park (pics)

This is actually Monday's blog, but I'm just getting around to it today.  Monday was the first day of a five-day fitness minutes challenge with FabFit and the first day of Anniversary Week!  Yes, Shannon and I have a whole week of anniversary activities. We started out with going on a hike in Chutes Provincial Park which is about 45 min. down the main highway from us.
It was a short walk, only about half an hour, but we were able to go onto the river, on stepping stones, and that was a lot of fun.
Then we went for breakfast-for-lunch at about 3 p.m. Mushroom-cheese omelet one slice of bacon, one breakfast sausage and toast and jam. (I LOOOOOVE TOAST!!)

I also love sunflowers... This is a garden right beside the restaurant parking lot.

As far as the fitness minutes challenge... It is "activity minutes" as I understand it. That would mean walking minutes (which I don't usually count) along with my workout minutes. It runs Monday to Friday at 5 p.m. I have a goal of 400 minutes. I don't plan to go crazy and get a super excessive unsustainable number of minutes. I just plan to go with an ideal normal and try to get a little extra each day. That would mean 400 minutes in 3 regular workout days and 1 sort-of rest day (2 heavy days, 1 yoga day and one easy day). I can do that!  Now, I just found out that last week the group leaders average for activity minutes was 645... I am NOT going there!!  I know I could, but again... I really want this to be sustainable!!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Victory over Cravings and new pics/measurements

You would not BELIEVE how I was craving this today!!

And these...

Here's how I happened on these sinful delights. Shannon and I went out to a funeral reception for the husband of one of his co-workers. They were holding a wake-type of reception with all kinds of food, including 5 pizzas and a big tray of cinnamon rolls.  And seriously, the cinnamon rolls looked a million times more delicious than any pic I could find on the Internet... and they were huge! (My mouth is watering just thinking about them!!)

Anyhow, I had not even one little bite of either of these! I had just had my snack, and I did have some veggies and a couple of slices of deli roast beef, but that's it!!  Yay!!

Measurements: Not real happy, but can't complain I guess... The measurements have not changed in a LONG time... but maybe this is just me?  I'll keep at it and check again in a month or so.

Weight: 140.2
Waist: 27.8 in.
Abdomen: 33.2 in. (still not too pleased... but it doesn't seem to matter what I do!!)
Hips: 36.6 in.

New pics in the bikini!!

Friday, 2 September 2011

WOD on a Super hot Friday

It's been so cool lately I thought summer must be over, but here we are today back to sweltering temperatures.

I spent the morning taking a walk downtown, poking around in the stores and then at the office doing some work. This afternoon I came home to this hot, hot apartment, turned on the fan and set up my Workout of the Day.

Now, I decided the FabFit Friday WOD was too short, and my friend Trisha posted a WOD that was a little too involved for my Friday workout.  You see, for me Thursday + Friday = One heavy workout day. So if I do an hour of yoga on Thursday, I should do some ST/cardio on Friday... Or I might do yoga and cardio on Thursday and nothing on Friday... Or, if I'm really worn out, I'll just take Friday off regardless. It really depends how I feel... I find I need one full rest day, sometimes 2 per week, so two light days that equal one heavy day often works well.

So Trisha's workout had 12 exercises... 1 minute/exercise repeat circuit 3 times.  Too much for me since my hip is STILL bothering me from Monday. So I chose 8... left off all the squats (rest the hip!!). Here's how it looked.

Jumping Jacks - 78 - 71 - 65
Push ups         - 23 - 19 - 14*
Sit ups            - 26 - 25 - 26
Rev. lunges      - 24 - 27 - 25

Jumping Jacks - 76 - 71 - 70
Shoulder Press- 22 - 19 - 17* **
Bicep Curls     - 27 - 29 - 28**
Chair Dips      - 17 - 15 - 17*

*to failure
** 10# dbs

I rested 15 sec. between each exercise so my total time was 30 min.

There is a request on FabFit to see before and after (or during) photos.

 I don't think I really have any useful before photos, because I would never in a million years have had a posed photo taken in workout clothes or a bathing suit... I was too ashamed. But, with clothes on, you probably wouldn't see too much difference. I've only lost about 10 lb, but I bet that was all fat... I'm closer to 7 pounds down, but I think I gained some muscle. I definitely gained some self-esteem and positive body image!!

Anyway, tomorrow I'll be taking measurements and getting a new bikini photo taken. I hope to see more definition in my arms, but I'm nervous about the rest of it... I haven't weighed or measured in a couple of weeks!  We shall see... There will be a report!!