Thursday, 8 September 2011

Anniversary Week Lunch

So, Wednesday was a heavy workout day... Upper body. The perfect day to go for an Anniversary Week Lunch. I was sooo craving a burger!!  I haven't had a good one in ages.

We went to a new restaurant called Pier Seventeen. It's right on the Blind River. Beautiful scenery and lovely atmosphere. Delicious Prime Rib burger with green salad... The burger was monstrous huge, but I ate it anyway...:)

Shannon splurged on fries with his.
I got a few...

 Then he splurged big time on Chocolate Madness.

I ended up with a bite of the chocolate straw and 3 little bites of the cake... It was insanely delicious... very dark chocolate...

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  1. OOooooh! Yummies! I love that you make a week out of your Anniversary. Rob and I have always taken vacation for it and gone somewhere. Now, I have school :( I guess I'll have to settle for an Anniversary weekend for the next few years!