Monday, 12 September 2011

Back to reality... Anniversary Week is over and gone.

Yes, Anniversary Week is over and not a minute too soon!!

Let's just say Saturday evening was a step back to the old ways with drinks, unhealthy food and delicious, but unnecessary, dessert. We had a wonderful time though, and I don't regret that we went out. It's been a long time since we walked over to the bar on a Saturday night!

By Sunday I was feeling all bloaty and fluffy, and I gained... Body Fat (Ack!) So definitely have to cool it on the eating out and drinking, and get right back on schedule with my eating. I think some of the problem is that I haven't been eating my 5 small meals a day... I've been putting it off, or waiting 'cause I know I'm going to eat out. This will stop... Water will be making a HUGE comeback, and extra fat will be gone!!

So Boom Boom POW!! Monday is back. About 80 minutes of leg/glute bustin' workout!  I've decided that Mondays will be "Surprise Me" days from now on. I do 3 workouts on Monday. One is always cardio with heavier weights on the leg exercises. From now on I will choose a DVD to do on that day... Won't always be the same one. I was doing Ultimate Cardio Body for quite a few weeks. Today I did TBL Cardio Max Weight Loss. Next week... Surprise Me!!

Mystery Workout Monday
Last week was an Activity Minutes Challenge with FabFit. I did really well with 557 minutes in 5 days. I was aiming for 400, but blew by that on Day 3. I could have done more minutes, but I decided rather than "kill myself" for a week, I wanted to do something that was sustainable for the long term, but then just a little bit more.

My small-group team, Team FIERCE is carrying on for another week of fitness minutes, but I have decided to bow out. For the past few weeks (excepting last week) I consciously went around without my watch and without looking at the time (unless I had to for meetings, work etc.) I have found this wonderful!!  I feel so much more relaxed not worrying what time it is all the time!  Not at all concerned with how much time I've spent on a particular activity!

This idea is very new to me... I have always more or less timed myself on activities. I have ALWAYS be a clock watcher, and there was a time that I had numerous calendars on the walls of my bedroom. Obsessed with numbers in a way I guess.

In any case, this new way of being is sort of more important to me than keeping meticulous track of my workout minutes. There's no question that I will continue to work out!!

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  1. I was finally getting that way where I didn't have to look at a clock for a good workout! Now with fitocracy, I need to know to track. I'm there to support my hubs and a friend more than anything so I have to keep an eye on that clock again!