Sunday, 6 November 2011

Yes, I WANT to run!!

It's been quite a while since I've blogged... I wanted to set out my workout plan and muse a bit about running...

My plan is simple... I've taken on a Jillian Michael's rotation for November that was made up by a Spark member, DOMINICANDSUMI.

DAY 16 - RI30: Level 2

DAY 20 - 6W6P: Level 2
DAY 22 - RI30: Level 3
DAY 24 - RI30: Level 4

DAY 27 - RI30: Level 1 & Level 2
DAY 29 - RI30: Level 3 & Level 4
DAY 31 - 6W6P: Level 1 & Level 2

I don't do the same rest days, but I otherwise follow the schedule.  I also have taken on the Fabfit 5-day/week WOD plan. I don't necessarily do all 5 days, though. For instance, if it is a BFBM or NMTZ day I won't do a Tabata... I'm just too tired!!

A really cool trend has started in the last couple of weeks and we plan to continue it... Shannon and I have been doing a "fitness" or "active" activity together on one day of the weekend, and it normally replaces a workout. Last week we did the Presidential Fitness Test (thanks Angela). This week we RAN!!  We did a 5K together (12.5 laps)!! Well, Shannon ran the whole thing, and I did my best...

I finished in 40:13, and my goal was 40:00.  I ran the entire first lap and then ran 3/4 walked 1/4 lap until completing 10th lap, at which point I ran half and walked half.

I sort of analyzed my 5K and discovered a couple of things. Firstly, 2 miles (8 laps) is the edge of my comfort zone. 5K was really pushing it, and I don't think I could have continued much running at all past that point. That stands to reason though, because the PT told me I probably wouldn't be much for running distances considering my wonky hip and knee... maybe 1 mile?

I found that after lap 7 or 8 my left leg was really painful, particularly on the outside of the calf (odd). I know that my left leg carries most of my weight (when I do squats I have to make a conscious effort to put weight on my right [wonky hip] leg) and it's the one that hurts most when I exercise anyway. I felt like my left leg wasn't pulling me forward at all at that point, and that I was running in a crouched position... of course I wasn't... that's just what it felt like.  I was not terribly out of breath and my other leg was fine... I was just done in by that leg!!

So, we've decided 5K at the track is something we want to continue weekly as time and weather allow, but my plan is to concentrate on improving the first two miles. I was amazed that I could run 1 whole lap at the beginning, and I want to keep extending that run. My plan is to push the first two miles knowing I can walk the whole last mile and a bit if I need to.  And, I'll still be able to work at improving my time!! 

Short-term goal.... run weekly at least, and shoot for less than 40 min. next time.
My medium-term goal for this is to run a whole mile without stopping.
Long term? 2 miles.

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